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Booking line: 07521 772148

Info: 07887 953609

the Summer School 2021 programme

Amazing Animation Taster Day 1. Wednesday 4 August

Amazing Animation Too! Day 2. Wednesday 11 August

Mega, Monster, Mash - IT - Up! Wednesday 18 August

The Animation Station is an inclusive arts organisation which aims to animate young hearts and minds through the use of animation and digital moving image in relation to new technology, artists and the community.

Based on the borders of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire in Banbury, it delivers core programmes of activities with schools, community groups, colleges and arts organisations embedding creativity, excellence and aspiration at the heart of its programme.

Animation Station is managed by Clinton Osborne with a professional network of associate artists and support from schools, the community, local authorities and grant funding.

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